Schönheit dieser Welt vergehet

by Marcus Propostus

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And I live in this place where every morning I’m happy to be alive. 

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Home Planetarium

The waterproof planetarium floats in water and contains a bright light that projects out into the room, or even into the tub itself when flipped over. This is the latest in home lifestyle goods from Japan in Sega’s famous “toys for adults” series for creating relaxing atmospheres using ambient lighting. Sold at Japan Trend Shop.

yeah but I need this

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Why do police have quotas? If a doctor went around intentionally sneezing on people to get more patients, that would be seen as a travesty to their profession. But police, can sit around and wait for someone to turn on a red light or commit other mundane ‘offenses’ because they have quotas to meet. Quotas are all the proof we need that policing is not a public service vocation; it’s a business and a subsidiary of Wall Street.

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By Adrian Gottlieb


Mt Fuji sunsets;

Yuga Kurita

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sky like this before and it’s incredible

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Forty years ago, a vast molten cavity known as the Darvaza crater – nicknamed the “door to hell” – opened up in the desert of north Turkmenistan, and has been burning ever since. Now, Canadian explorer George Kourounis has became the first to make the descent into the fiery pit to look for signs of life (x)
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The Wonderful Art of Ryohei Hase

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